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  • Interested in starting Liturgy School?

    The Liturgical Commission is about to commence classes once again starting July 31st to August 5th 2017. Should you wish to be a part of...

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  • BOMA

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  • Altar Servers- Thank you

    OLPH Altar Servers will like to thank all those who contributed to their fundraiser sale last weekend

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  • Two Solemnities

    Parishioners are asked to remember that the following Solemnities are Holy Days of Obligation and Fr. Martin is therefore expecting all parishioners to give him...

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  • Men’s Ministry

    All men are invited to a meeting of the Men’s Ministry on Thursday, 8th June @ 6:00pm at the Bishop Mendes’ Auditorium. Ladies please encourage...

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  • Retreat in Daily Life

    Sr. Annette Chow invites persons who participated in the “Retreat in Daily Life” to a day of Renewal on Tuesday, 30th May from 9:00 am...

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