Legion of Mary (servants and community builders)

The Legion of Mary is on a new path of renewal and greater service to our parish. A few weeks ago we welcomed New Officers who later had a meeting with the parish priest. Among the many issues discussed was the place of the sick and shut-ins in our parish and the development of the Hospital Ministry.

Legionaries who sell the Catholic News will be provided with a “Register” to receive the Names and addresses (as well as directions), the contact person (relative or care giver) and phone contact  of all the Sick and Shut in persons in our parish. They are NOT limiting themselves to the Catholics and will visit all persons from our area who need to be visited. The Catholics who would like regular communion will be referred to the Coordinator of the Extraordinary Ministers and when necessary and required the priest will be asked to come along for confession and anointing.

LegionofMaryIn collaboration with the Hospitality Ministry and as a development of our health and safety commitment they propose to set up an accessible “Cupboard” near the Divine Mercy Door with basic necessities (inc water) for persons who many need attention during the various masses and events in church. They will appreciate the support of medical personnel to identify themselves so that they can be called upon in times if emergency.

There were other matters discussed including security of bathroom facilities for every worshiper who will need these facilities.

  •  President: Beverly Kallicharan
  •  Vice president: Irene Scipio Bailey
  •  Secretary: Francisca Allard
  •  Treasurer: Jean Aqui-Thompson

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