Changes Ahead!

In an article on the front page of the Sunday 19th June issue of the Catholic News, His Grace Archbishop Joseph Harris made reference to the necessary changes which are to occur across the parishes of the Archdiocese in the near future.

These changes reflect a meaningful attempt to maximize the contribution being made by the clergy in serving the various needs of our local Archdiocese. Consultations are currently being held among clergy members, and it is believed that the ‘official’ announcement of the confirmed changes is expected to be released from His Grace some time in early August. 

Our parish is also carded for a major change soon (clergy and lay). One of our main parish leaders is scheduled to go to the seminary to continue his vocation discernment, and our three (3) priests will be assigned to new portfolios.

As a result of the latter, we will therefore have to prepare ourselves to welcome a new team of priests to the parish. 

Parishioners are kindly asked to pray for all your priests and to seek the guidance of the Almighty as we adjust to the new reality of the Pro Cathedral (destined to become a Minor Basilica). Further details will soon be given. 

As the Parish Priest, I beg all members of our church [parishioners of Vistabella, Les Efforts and San Fernando]  to continue seeking God’s guidance as you open  your  hearts to new ways of building God’s Kingdom here in our beloved city.

Msgr. Christian Pereira
O L P H  Presbytery
Harris Promenade  San Fernando

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