CXC does not use the term “Distinction”.

CXC does not use the term “Distinction“. You cannot earn a Grade 1 with Distinction. That was a Cambridge GCE term. CXC gives a description of a candidate’s performance in various aspects of the exam. This profile is stated as one of three grades – A, B or C. A candidate who earns an A in 3 profiles and has a Grade 1 has done well in all aspects of the exam.

This is what Susan Giles former head of CXC Examinations Administration and Security Division (2009-2014) writes:  “What must also be understood is that a profile grade represents a range of scores. An A may be between 100 and 75, a B 60 to 74 and a C 40 to 63. A candidate may obtain 3 As but each of them is at the low end ie 75 while the person with 2 As and a B may have scored at the high end of the range ie 99 for both and 74 for the B. That person will also get a 1.

It can also be noted; “That person’s average can also be higher than someone with the three As”. So it is very possible for someone with 2 As and a B to win a scholarship over someone with 3As

Food for thought.

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