New Crucifix for Sanctuary

As the Pro Cathedral continues to provide a dignified space for all persons to worship God and celebrate the Great Mysteries of our faith I have decided to upgrade the Crucifix presently installed in the Sanctuary.

The present one will be repaired again and installed in the Bishop Mendes Auditorium.


The size of the church makes the Crucifix appear too insignificant and the broken arm (which has previously been repaired) does not make for a proper presentation of this important item in our church. After much research, we have been able to source a larger size Byzantine Type Crucifix with the symbols of the four Evangelists adorning the four extremes of the Crucifix.


I am kindly asking you to assist in financing the costs involved of the purchase from Italy (via Florida) at a cost of $9,750.00 USD; transport to Trinidad (a gift) and the actual installation which is still to be determined.

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