Parishioners! Join our Special Programme

Parishioners are encouraged to join the special programme on Wednesdays at 6.00pm facilitated by our RCIA Team.

Dates include: Wednesdays 17th February, March 2nd , 9th and 16th . 

These are designed to enable us to “Nourish” our faith Commitment as we explore various aspects of the teaching of our Faith so that we can give an account for what we believe and why we believe..

The venue for these sessions will either be

(a) the Church or

(b) the Upstairs of the Bishop Mendes Auditorium.

The proposed format is:

+ Angelus — Enquiry Team

+ Praise and Worship — Margaret Woods to be asked 

+ Introduction of Speaker —- Enquiry Team member

+ Speaker

+ Question and Answer Session

+ Prayer by Presenter

+ Vote of Thanks 

Looking forward to full attendance by all parishioners  … everyone is welcome… Catholics especially BUT also persons open to what we teach.

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