Mrs Mary Mac Quan

Mrs. Mary Mac Quan, retired Banker with over 40 years of experience, was invited to join the OLPH parish family.  She came on board in October 2014 to assist Mrs. Monica Joseph with the management of the finances of the church.  She is a widow after enjoying 39 happy years of marriage, and mother of (2), a son and daughter, as well as a grandmother of one.

She has been a parishioner of OLPH since birth, and attends the early Sunday Mass.  She is actively involved with the YOU.SER.VE coordinating team, and assists with the various fund raisers and management of the finances when necessary.  Her goal in giving back her time to the church has been fulfilling, and continues to be a source of her spiritual needs.  She gives us (2) two full days per week and is on call on some days to assist with additional HR or financial obligations.  She is proud to be a Catholic and a member of the community of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church.