CHRIST THE KING – Les Efforts West

Christ the King R.C. Church was built in 1965 in response to the growing population and rapid expansion of San Fernando – the bustling industrial capital of Trinidad and Tobago. The 20 or 30 years prior to this witnessed the development of the area south of Rushworth Street, encompassing the area south of Rushworth Street, the former sugar cane fields of the Les Efforts Estate and Gooding Village. This church was the brainchild of Fr. Jerome Koots, a Benedictine monk, who had foreseen the potential growth and expansion. Christ the King R C Church is located between Albert Street and Blanche Fraser Street.

The Following persons represent Les Efforts at the Parish Committees:
Victor Young – On Parish Council & Chair of Community Council
Delia Chatoor – Parish Liturgy Team
Kamlee John & Joy Mohammed  – Property Management Committee/OSHA
Vilma Balbosa – Parish Baptism Team & Community Hospitality
Debra Roget-Sutherland – Coordinator of Altar Servers
Hayley Ifill – Assistant Coordinator of Altar Servers
Christopher Ali – Sacristan
Fiona Bereaux – Choir Leader
ST. ANDREW KAGGWA – Vistabella
The cornerstone of the Church was laid on 4th November 1979. When construction began in 1979, a roof and posts were all that stood over a rough concrete floor. When completed the church was given the name St Andrew Kaggwa by Fr. Garfield Rochard. Andrew Kaggwa was one of twenty-two Catholics and Anglicans who were martyred for the Christian cause, and in 1964 he was one of the first Africans to be canonized. St. Andrew Kaggwa R.C. is located at the Cor. of Manjack Street and Arch Streets, Vistabella.
The Following persons represent Vistabella at the Parish Committees:
Rhonda Harriot – Chair Community Council; Secretary of Community Council
Julius Ragoonanan – Chair Community Liturgy Team (Member of Parish Liturgy)
Therese Ragoonanan – Parish Media Team
Valerie Ramroopsingh & Justin Ragoonanan – Parish Liturgy Committee; Community Choir Leader
Avril Mohammed  – Parish Baptism team
Everald Glasgow – Property Management Committee (Community & Parish)
John Hudlin – Vice Chair of Community Council, Parish Vocation Team.