The ministry was born out of a need to re-open our Seminary at Mt. St. Benedict.  The journey towards this undertaking was not an easy one, but, with the desire planted in the hearts of God’s faithful, much prayerful intercessory support, the enthusiasm and willingness displayed by parishioners of various churches to make it a reality, and last, but certainly not least, the Holy Spirit’s empowerment to bring to full completion that which begun for GOD.

The Vision Statement of this ministry is:

Getting the archdiocese talking and thinking vocations

The Mission Statement is:

Fostering, promoting, inviting and supporting vocations to the priesthood and religious life.”

Generation S

Generation S is the logo for the National Vocations Ministry.  The fundamental aim of Generation S is to encourage service to God through religious vocation.  This endeavour was a call to Catholics to serve through religious life. In developing on this foundation, a framework was built around the concept of “crossroads” more specifically “a religious crossroad”.

“I remembered my own personal crossroad when called into service in religious ministry as an altar server.  I felt as though I was guided into this specific ministry.  The artwork began to fall in sync with this new train of thought.  The “S” in service allowed me to use it as a symbol; that depicts the long winding nature of life’s journey.  While the cross depicts choices we all have to make when we reach particular crossroads. The choice to pick up our individual calling or crosses and answer to something greater.”

Find out more about Generation S here.


Our church is seeking a generation of young (or not so young) persons who will offer themselves in Service to God as Holy Priests and Religious Sisters.

There is a lot to come, but to start the Ministry here at our parish, we are embarking on two future projects that involve you our dear parishioners

  1. The ‘Vocations Cup

Families, you are encouraged to offer to host the Vocations Cup at your home for a week. Simply leave your name at the parish office or book shop, or you can give your name and contact number to one of your members.

2. We know that more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of, and therefore we ask you as families, to pray the Holy Rosary daily (as a family) for an increase of labourers in the vineyard. In this way, we are all members of the same vocations ministry, so come journey with us as we seek to find Generation S.!!!!

PVC Members

Marina Alexander:          310-1484
Lester Victor:                  486-8095
Ulrica Cardenas:             369-2700
John Hudlin:                   361-1674
Wesley Alexander:         389-8457
Aura Brown-Victor:         686-1362
Rudolph Garcia:             794-7131

Prayer for Vocations

pvc prayer