There are several programmes run by the church through which we provide religious instruction at varying stages of our parishioners lives- infants, children, adults.  We aim for lifelong faith formation.


Baptism Programme

This sacrament is celebrated with infants and young children on the 3rd Saturday of each month within our parish. Parents and two Godparents only, (male and female) are required to be members of the Roman Catholic Church.  Parents who request the parish to baptize their children must be attending church regularly. They are also asked to attend at least two meetings before the Baptism Ceremony. Details will be given by the PSRs in the parish office.

OLPH SOCCA (Session of Creative Catholic Activities – Sunday School)

This is a dynamic programme of faith formation centered on the Sunday Liturgy. Children who attend the 8.00 a.m. and 10.00 a.m. Masses are invited to leave the church after the opening rite and before the Liturgy of the Word. They are guided through creative activities to understand the Sunday readings and are taught aspects of our Catholic faith appropriate to their age. More information is available from the PSRs in the parish office.

First Communion Programme

Registration for this programme is usually towards the end of August, early September each year.  Children should have been baptized before and the parents of these children should be regular members of the Catholic Church. For registration details please visit the parish office and check the parish newsletter regularly.  Classes usually take place on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings of each week.

Confirmation Programme

At OLPH, Confirmation classes prepare our teenagers in formation to complete the full membership in our Catholic Church and is the last of the sacraments of initiation.(for children)  These young people meet every Saturday at 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. as well as Tuesday evenings 4:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. in the Bishop Mendes Auditorium.  At Les Efforts, the candidates meet on Saturdays at 10.00 a.m.

They are involved in many various exercises to deepen their understanding of Jesus Christ and their Catholic faith and they are expected to be attending Holy Mass every weekend in addition to their class sessions.  For more details please feel free to visit the parish office or look out for notices in our parish newsletter.

R.C.I.A. – Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

This programme continues to be the main path that adult persons take to become full members of the Catholic Church. Adult persons who desire to become full members of the Catholic Church are invited to journey through the RCIA Programme. This programme is specially designed to enable an adult to understand and appreciate how the Lord leads you to a faith that is lifegiving by bringing a person to understand the place of church membership in our relationship with the Lord Jesus. Adults who have never been baptized, or those who have been validly baptized in other Christian churches as well as adults who have been baptized as Roman Catholics all have the opportunity to make this journey for full initiation into the Catholic faith.

Full initiation comprises Baptism, Confirmation and Communion.
Persons validly baptized in other churches are received into the church and offered Confirmation and Eucharistic Communion at the end of their journey;  adult Catholics are welcomed to complete their initiation by preparing for Confirmation and Eucharistic Communion. 
The programme includes regular sessions every Thursday evening from 6.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m. with an accompanying participation in weekend worship (every Sunday evening at 6.00 p.m.). There are also special days of retreats and reflection organized with the members in the group. The highlight is the adult baptism at the Easter Vigil and the closing ceremony at Pentecost.
Interested persons who wish to register for the R.C.I.A. programme must prepare the following:
  1. Use our Download  & Info Centre to download and fill out the registration form.
  2. Provide 2 copies  each of the following: 
    1. Birth certificate
    2. Baptismal and Confirmation certificates
    3. Marriage certificate (where applicable)
    4. Decree Nisi
  3. Two passport sized photographs (not computer generated)
  4. Initial registration fee of $100.00TTD
When completed, kindly bring all the requested documents to the PSRs in the office.