R.I. short for Religious Instruction, encompasses a vast area of knowledge within the Catholic faith.

We administer religious instruction through various programmes such as Baptism, Sunday School, First Communion, Confirmation and the R.C.I.A programme. These are explained in detail on the Parish Programmes page.

We, as Catholics, are encouraged to live our lives as Christ did and as such we try to show others by example.  To demonstrate these kind acts of Christ, we become part of a ministry that targets a certain group of individuals.  More about our available ministries can be viewed on the Ministries page.

Under our wing, we also have Charisms / Movements which many of our parishioners are actively involved in.  More about these can be read up upon by visiting our Charisms / Movements page.

Lastly, we actively demonstrate how Christ constantly took head to the poor and unfortunate by giving back to society and being as generous as we can be.  Learn about the various Homes that are supported by the Parish and our Parishioners and learn how you can become part of this moving experience by visiting the Homes page.