Preparing for a Wedding at OLPH


  • Read and observe Marriage Guidelines (special leaflet available in Download Centre)
  • A date is reserved once the process is securely started. Do NOT set the date without first consulting the parish priest, assistant parish priest or deacon.
  • The offering for the use of the church should be paid BEFORE the final week of preparations to the PSRs at the Parish Office.
  • Arrange one by one meetings with the Priest or deacon


(To be presented for the completion of church documentation)

  • A recently issued Catholic Baptismal Certificate for each Catholic groom and/or Catholic bride.
  • Certificates must be issued from your church of baptism within the last six months with other sacramental notations listed if possible.
  • Secured proof of baptism (Baptismal certificate, letter from minister or witness) for a baptized non-Catholic if applicable
  • Groom: An official statement from the civil authorities attesting to “Freedom to Marry“. (Banns)
  • Bride: An official statement from the civil authorities attesting to Freedom to Marry“. (Banns)
  • Completed details of the official witnesses with copy of their identification cards
  • The selected Bible readings for the Liturgy (a list is available from which you select)
  • The original marriage license (Registrar’s Certificate) – Please note that this certificate will expire six (6) months from the date it was issued.
  • If applicable: Decree of nullity; divorce decree; death certificate of former spouse
  • Convalidation: copy of Civil Marriage Certificate.


  • Wednesday sessions at OLPH Parish Centre
  • Engaged Encounter Weekend ( a recommended option)
  • Session(s) with Priest/Deacon regarding (a) The completion of the pre Nuptial papers and (b) The Liturgy


  • Contacted Music Director
  • Selected Musician and Singers
  • Necessary Offering arranged with them


  • Contacted Florist (must work with the parish team)
  • Contacted Photographer/Videographer
  • Catholic groom and/or bride are encouraged to receive the Sacrament of Penance prior to the wedding.
  • Taking flowers to statue of Mary (optional).
  • It is expected that the wedding decor will remain in the church for the weekend


Arrive on time for your wedding!