Synodality and Divine Mercy Sunday

We have learned that the Gospel this Sunday focuses on the gift of mercy, which was given to us through Jesus Christ’s death, burial and Resurrection. How do we connect this to Synodality? God shared His son with us so that we may have salvation. God’s unconditional love echoes volumes as He gave His only Begotten Son as a sacrifice for our sins. This unconditional love could be emulated through each of us as we journey to meet Christ. How? By treating others with kindness and speaking with a loving tone, we reflect such love. When someone wrongs us, let us pray for them and seek peace.

As we rejoice in Jesus’ Resurrection during this Easter Season, let us share this love and have mercy on our brothers and sisters who we come into contact with everyday.

This is the Second Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday). Let us reciprocate mercy and love to all. 

Happy Easter to all for this is a time of Rejoicing.

Therese Chung