Family Blessing of the Advent Wreath

Dear Family of Families,As we entered into a new liturgical year, here’s a reflective Advent Examination of Conscience for you as you prepare for the coming of the Lord at Christmas and his Second/ Final Coming:
1. Hopeful Anticipation:- Have I cultivated a spirit of hopeful anticipation for the coming of Christ during this Advent season?

2. Prayerful Preparation:- Have I set aside time for prayer and reflection, preparing my heart for the celebration of Christ’s birth?

3. Acts of Charity- Have I engaged in acts of charity and kindness, embodying the love and generosity of the season?

4. Confession and Repentance:- Have I examined my conscience, sought repentance for sins, and considered participating in the Sacrament of Reconciliation?

5. Family and Relationships:- Have I prioritized fostering love, harmony, and understanding within my family and relationships?

6. Advent Patience:- Have I practiced patience, embracing the Advent spirit of waiting for the Lord’s arrival?

7. Simplicity and Detachment:- Have I embraced simplicity and detachment from material distractions, focusing on the spiritual significance of Advent?

8. Scripture Reflection:- Have I spent time reflecting on Scripture, allowing God’s Word to guide and inspire my actions?

9. Reconciliation with Others:- Is there anyone with whom I need to reconcile or extend forgiveness before celebrating the birth of Christ?

10. Gratitude and Thanksgiving:- Have I expressed gratitude for the blessings in my life, recognizing them as gifts from God?