Message: 20th March, 2020 – From Me to You…

Brothers and Sisters,

You are at the center of God’s plan. For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ. Corinthians 12:12

This is a challenging time right now.

This type of crisis is new for all of us. It’s something we are all experiencing together. There’s a lot of uncertainty. There’s a lot of fear. There’s a lot of panic. And there’s a lot of speculation.

And what that means is that you have a choice. You can show up with fear and panic or you can show up facing everything and rising above with God leading the way.

You can lead with God. People are watching. They are looking for role models. Your family is watching. How you show up today and every day from now on is entirely up to you.

Do you ignore what is happening? No. You stay informed. Stay proactive.

You don’t need to let it consume you.

You have the opportunity to lead with God DNA in you right now. Remember the word of God. We are all one. All equal in the eyes of God. Show love to your brothers and sisters in everything you do.

Practice responding instead of reacting.
Practice acting in spite of fear, uncertainty, and doubt instead of being paralyzed by it. Practice being unconditionally happy even when things are not ideal. Practice Prayer and love in the midst of everything happening.

You have a true opportunity in light of a challenging situation to show up as your best self. The choice is yours completely.

We choose our thoughts, we choose our feelings, we choose our actions.

This too shall pass.

Fr. David.