Prayer to Our Lady of Perpetual Help in times of illness

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Mother of God of the Passion, Queen of Heaven and Star of the Sea, as you look towards the faithful while pointing at your son, Jesus Christ, who is frightened by the instruments of crucifixion and depicted with a fallen sandal.

Help us in this time of uncertainty by comforting us and covering us with your mantle of love and prayer and embracing us in your loving arms. Pray for us, our families, country and the entire world with the protection of St. Michael and St. Gabriel and our own Guardian Angel that we be spared of all illness, especially (name the illness).

For those already affected and afflicted we ask that you intercede so that they will experience relief and recover. Hear the cries of those who are vulnerable and fearful so with your prayers they will obtain refuge and strength from the Lord.

As Star of the Sea direct our church and civil leaders guiding our nation at this time, that they may make wise decisions for the common good. Intercede for doctors, nurses, caregivers, medical researchers and public health officials to respond with mercy and compassion.

With this confidence we turn towards you like the child Jesus knowing, we are your sons and daughters, pray for us always that through the passion of your only begotten Son we have been redeemed. Amen.

(Prayer composed by Fr. David S. Khan March, 2020.)