Reflection On Synodality and Advent.

We have been introduced to Synodality, the journey we make together hand in hand to meet Christ on our final day. All are equal, having the same goal. However, as we journey together, through the straight and narrow road, we look after one another. If your brother is falling, we reach out our hand and pull him up. 
Advent is a time of preparation for the Coming of Christ. In preparing, we light our Advent candles which are three purple and one pink. With each one having its own meaning, we encourage you to join in this preparation. Noone knows the time or hour, but together we could be like the virgins in the Holy Bible and have our oil in our lamps. 

On Sunday, November 28, 2021 is the beginning of  the Church’s Liturgical year leading up to the celebration of Christmas. Let us direct our hearts and minds to the anniversary of our Lord’s birth on Christmas. Let us not be distracted by the cares of the world, but rather focus on Jesus. The first candle symbolizes Hope. 
Please see the bulletin for the availability of Advent wreaths and candles. Let us spread the word to our brothers and sisters and help them  make ready for Jesus’ Coming. Life is not about us alone, but living together with our neighbours.
So call or email this information to a family member, friend or colleague, so together we will continue on our journey.