Reflection on The Second Sunday in Advent, The Gospel Reading and Synodality.

The First Candle symbolizes Hope which foretold the Birth of Christ and started to prepare us. We reflected inwardly and acknowledged our sins with the hope of  turning over a new leaf. How do we make this change for the better?

The second Advent Candle represents Faith, which is also known as the Bethlehem Candle as we remember the journey Mary and Joseph had to Bethlehem. As we put our trust in God and His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, we commit to a newness, a rebirth like the Birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas every year. Our souls are reborn in Him, our New Born King. Faith is the next step to follow on a daily basis. As we live by the Commandments of God, we begin to live upright. Let us go a step further along our journey together in Synodality. Let us walk side by side leaving our sins behind and putting faith in one pocket and submission to God in the other. If we give ourselves totally to God, then we are moving forward together with the hope of seeing Him one day. Submission makes us humble and now we are in a better position.

How does Synodality step in this phase along our journey? We could turn to those next to us and advise them to repent of their sins. Share the truth with them, which is that God forgives sins and once they are truly sorry, their sins are forgotten. Their sins are now behind them, so together as good neighbors, encourage them to look ahead knowing that they have a bright tomorrow with Faith and Humility in their pockets.