Synodality and this Sunday’s Gospel    

Jesus reveals Himself to us. How do we accept His answer that He is the Son of God? Do we truly believe that He is the Son of God? If we believe and share this revelation with one another, then we build our faith. The journey becomes clearer when we build upon our faith. Together we could make this journey of life more positive as it is confirmed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. When He greets us at the end of our journey, we will know that He could take us to heaven.

How do we strengthen our faith?

By reading the Books in the Holy Bible daily, we learn about Jesus Christ. By joining Bible Classes in the Men’s Ministry, in their zoom programs on a Friday, and by taking the many opportunities to partake in programs which draw us closer to Jesus Christ, we put ourselves in a better position in Synodality. Every time we read the books in the Holy Bible, we learn more and more. We keep on learning. The more we read, the better. Jesus Christ reveals more and more to us, if only we take the time from our daily routines to sit down and read His Word.

May we embrace the Holy Bible as Jesus Christ embraces His Father.

Therese Chung

OLPH Parish Synod Coordinator