Synodality is a part of us now, especially on our journey together in this life as sons and daughters of God. During our walk together, we may experience good and bad times, hurts and joys, surprises and disappointments.

How do we respond to those who hurt us? 

We should take a deep breath and relax. Pray the ‘Our Father Prayer’ in your mind or in a private place where you could speak with Jesus. Talk with Jesus as you would a friend, by expressing and explaining your thoughts and emotions. You could reach for your Holy Bible, and open randomly to find a chapter to read. You may call us to schedule a meeting with our priests, who could help you further. Please call our office at 652-2269 and we will be willing to assist in any way we could.

May we have mercy on those who hurt us. Never seek revenge. As brothers and sisters looking out for one another, may we give this advice to those who encounter sadness and pains. Let us encourage others to be merciful and forgive.

Therese Chung

OLPH Parish Synod Coordinator