Reflection On Synodality during the Fourth Sunday of Advent Year C

As we walk side by side on life’s journey with the hope of seeing Jesus Christ at the finish line, we look around and observe those around us. We open our hearts to care for our neighbours, the elderly, men, women, teenagers, children, and babies.

As the final purple candle is lit on the fourth Sunday of Advent, we recognize the importance of prayer and penance. These days before Christmas we could still ask God to forgive us for the sins we committed, those infecting our hearts and even negative thoughts which cloud our judgment.

We acknowledge peace on earth, ‘peace’ which this candle represents, the same peace which the angels proclaim as the Saviour, Jesus Christ enters this world. We could ask Christ to renew our spirits and make us new as He is born again during this season.

How do we connect this peace with Synodality?

This peace could be spread to our neighbours, those around us every day. When Mary heard that her cousin was giving birth from the angel, she immediately prepared to go on a journey to be with Elizabeth and support her during her pregnancy. Mary, our mother, visited Elizabeth bringing peace in her heart. She cared for her cousin. We too, could care for people and bring peace to them during their experiences in life. We could call or WhatsApp those who need a listening ear daily. In addition, we could be stewards in the church and offer money to help their ministries so they could have the resources to feed the hungry and clothe the homeless. During this pandemic, the church still serves the community with their many ministries. Therefore, every donation of stewardship will help the less fortunate in the community.

May we show kindness everyday of our lives and may our peace echo throughout our journey.

By Therese Chung

Coordinator OLPH Synod Team 2021-2023