REFLECTION ON SYNODALITY – “Walking side by side.”

As we journey together in Synodality, each person walking side by side hoping to see Jesus Christ at the end of the finish line, we ask ourselves “Are we prepared to see Jesus’ face?” As we look around, do we really care for those around us? Are we concerned with ourselves, or do we really love others in our lives? One of the Great Commandments is to love others as God loves you, but do we really?

We could do it. We could make the effort to share with our brothers and sisters. Look around you. Who do you encounter? Who do I see or connect with daily? It is never too late. We could prepare together. Saying a kind word to make another smile every day, greeting a person with ‘Good morning’ could make a positive difference. Let us acknowledge one another with a kind word, a smile or a WhatsApp message wishing one a happy and blessed day. If someone needs a helping hand and you can, reach out.

What else could we do to prepare for Jesus’ coming during this Advent Season?

We could resist temptation by not taking advantage of others or situations. We could choose to help someone genuinely rather than make a profit for ourselves. We could try not to sin. By refusing to envy others, and rather be satisfied with the gifts and blessings we were given, are forward steps along our journey. Simply not gossiping or lying will cleanse our souls in preparation for our Messiah.

So let us share all we learnt from Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospels with those we meet or even go a step further and contact those we know, reflecting on all we learnt today.

by Therese Chung
Coordinator OLPH Synod Team 2021-2023.