Synodality and Solemnity Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe, Year B.#46

The Solemnity Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe will be celebrated on Sunday 21st November, 2021 and  falls on the Final Sunday of the Liturgical year. This day serves to acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ as the King of all Kings. In addition, in a world which has changed drastically over the decades, this day reminds us that though we live in the world, we are not of the world. In this world, where secularism has shown its face, we need to extend our hands to pull our brothers and sisters away from the temptations of worldliness and wrong beliefs that life could exist without the presence of Jesus. We should look out for those who are falling, those who think that they could live a life without following the Commandments of God. Jesus is God in the flesh and wants to share His Kingdom with all His sons and daughters.

Holy Masses are celebrated on this day to celebrate Christ as King of the Universe. Let us join as one, as we walk along the straight and narrow path together keeping Jesus Christ as our only leader and God. Let us strengthen our faith in Jesus, who died for us so that we may have eternal salvation and peace in the Spirit. Let us extend our hearts to our neighbours and share with them the meaning of the Feast Day of Christ the King. By sharing this knowledge and celebrating in our Holy Masses, you are living in synodality.