The Connection between Synodality, Advent and Stewardship.

Advent marks the beginning of the Liturgical Year and during this First Sunday on the 28th of November in 2021, we light the first candle renewing our love and commitment to Jesus, our King. We renew our faith and as it is said, faith without works is dead. We say we have faith, but how do we put it into action? We do so in Stewardship. By loving our neighbours as God loves us, we can show Jesus by our actions that we are His disciples.

We are here to serve and help others. Giving is better than receiving. This young man in the photo below is an example of giving stewardship of time and talent as he uses the power washer at the entrances to the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church.

And where does Synodality fit in this? As we walk along our journey in life together, side by side, realizing no one is greater than the other but rather equals along the straight and narrow with the hope of meeting Jesus, we share knowledge and encourage our brothers and sisters to do right. We acknowledge the gift of sharing with one another. Let us join with our brothers and sisters and do something to help others.

During this time of Advent, let us really renew our commitment through our actions. Let us give what we can to help others. Words are lovely, but actions speak louder than words.